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Live 高級品 on the DVD Battlefield 購買

Live on the Battlefield [DVD]


Live on the Battlefield [DVD]


Product Description

Live On The Battlefield is the first live DVD from reggae superstar Anthony B. Recorded in 2002, shot with 4 cameras, and featuring outstanding sound quality - this concert shines light on this reggae superstar's energetic performance; delivering his biggest hits including "Universal Struggle", "Fire Pon Rome", "Bun Down Sodom", "One Thing" and "Musical Fire" as well as the Peter Tosh homage, "Johnny B Good". Live On The Battlefield captures Anthony B's charismatic stage persona and his uncompromising lyrical message.

This DVD is a must for all Anthony B fans and the audio is also available as a double CD release.

Live on the Battlefield [DVD]




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